New Webflow site for an aerospace and defense technology group

Design and Webflow development for an engineering firm developing next-generation power technology

Screenshots of set group's website

The project

SET group is a young, but experienced engineering and manufacturing group that focuses on developing next-generation power technology for the aerospace and defense industries. TINYK was put in charge of project management and website design/development for a new website that would accurately showcase the firm's capabilities and technology.

The process

  1. We created a sitemap to outline the structure and hierarchy of the site. With the various technologies, applications, and capabilites that were to be featured on the website, it was important to define what was going to live where and what language/terminology would be used.
  2. We discussed who would be the primary target audience for the site and what their goals and expectations would be. This influenced the layout of the website.
  3. We gathered inspirational websites and websites of competitors in the space to determine the best visual direction for the site's design.
  4. We worked through an iterative process of website design (done in Figma) and copywriting (provided by the SET group team) until each page was complete.
  5. We developed the website using the Webflow platform with client-first methodology

Screenshots from the new web design for set group