We're a woman-led team of experienced, digital professionals.

Our focus is on bringing quality marketing sites to life using the Webflow platform.


Carly Harvey

Carly has been working with the Webflow platform since 2015 and is an official Webflow Professional Partner. Before Webflow she built websites by hand. She works with clients and TINYK members to ensure projects are run smoothly from beginning to end. She has a background in user experience design and approaches both project and website planning with a user-centered focus.

Carly currently lives in West Virginia with her husband, Tyler, and their many rescued farm animals. When not working on a TINYK project, you could find her in the garden, taking care of the animals, reading a good book, or following blockchain and crypto technologies.

Picture of Carly Harvey


Meet the folks that make up TINYK

We're a collective of fully remote and asynchronous individuals. We each have expertise in our own verticals, from branding and copywriting, to web design, development, and SEO. When it comes to making an excellent marketing site we've got you covered!