Brand and website for an identity-driven cloud security startup

The TINYK team developed a new brand identity for ClearVector along with writing copy, web design, and Webflow development for their new marketing site.

Screenshot from the ClearVector website

The client's story:

ClearVector is an identity-driven security company built to help organizations protect themselves in a cloud-native and cloud-first future. By focusing on identities and starting with the cloud, ClearVector is raising the bar for the adversary while defining a new approach to solving today's and tomorrow's cybersecurity challenges.

The brief:

The TINYK team was tasked with creating a new brand identity for the new company that included a logo, color palette, typography styles, and more. Using this new identity, we designed a marketing site and built it using Webflow so that it will be able to grow along with the company for years to come.

The process:

  1. We strategized with the ClearVector founders to better understand their vision and goals for the company
  2. Our brand designer developed the company's identity while our project manager and copywriter helped to define the site's structure and page outlines
  3. As the brand identity and copy were solidified, our web designer took the reigns
  4. Once the web design was approved each page was built in Webflow
  5. The site was tested in multiple devices, browsers, and operating systems, ensuring a smooth user experience for each visitor


ClearVector logo
ClearVector brand color pallete
Collage of the clearvector website