New resource hub for a legal automation software platform

TINYK gave Lawyaw's resources a complete overhaul that is now easy to maintain and grow

Screenshot of lawyaw's resources page

The Project

Lawyaw is a SaaS platform specializing in legal document automation. Their marketing site was built in Webflow prior to working with TINYK. Overall the Lawyaw team enjoyed working with Webflow to maintain their site, but knew they wanted a better system for housing their various marketing content and resources. We were tasked with overhauling the resource functionality on the site.

The Process

  1. We first did an audit of how the current system was set up and realized that Webflow's CMS capabilities were not being used for the resources pages. This led to inconsistent layouts being used and was very time-consuming to add and organize content.
  2. We documented all of the existing content in a spreadsheet and determined how it would need to be reimported into Webflow's CMS system - making sure to note which redirects would need to be added to prevent any 404's in the transition.
  3. We redesigned the resource landing pages and CMS template pages in Figma and rebuilt them in Webflow. Each type of resource has it's own unique template (articles, webinars, ebooks, and case studies). Resources can be viewed by type and also by topic.
  4. We reimported all of the data into the new resources CMS collections and removed old, static versions that no longer served a purpose.

Technical Notes

  • We implemented custom 'load more' functionality instead of native Webflow pagination which can help with SEO
  • The Lawyaw team is able to add both upcoming webinars to capture registrations and also transition webinars to 'on demand' after they have aired