New Webflow site for a personal injury attorney

We moved Chad Stavley's law firm website from Wordpress to Webflow and gave it a complete design and SEO overhaul.

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The project

Chad Stavley is an accident attorney based in Portland, OR. He ran his site on Wordpress mostly by himself for nearly a decade, but was noticing his search engine rankings were dropping and was having a hard time keeping the site up-to-date. He decided to try using Webflow for its friendlier ease-of-use and reached out to TINYK to lead the migration.

The process

  1. We audited Chad's existing site and SEO performance before making a plan for the new site
  2. We reorganized his existing content and came up with a more fresh style guide
  3. Using the new content and style guide, we designed the new website's pages
  4. We developed the new site using Webflow with heavy integrations with Webflow's CMS that empowers Chad to add information about new cases, client reviews, FAQs, blog posts, and more! He no longer has to worry about Wordpress plugins and security.
  5. Before launching the new site, we took various measures to ensure the smoothest transition of SEO between the new and the old sites would take place
  6. TINYK is continuing to work with Chad to maintain and grow his website's content and search engine performance

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