Catalog Functionality for a Security Education Platform in Webflow

We added a searchable and filterable product catalog and a new blogging system to support Security Journey's sales and marketing goals.

Screenshot of Security Journey website

Project background

Security Journey is a security training platform created for developers by developers. The platform offers many security training lessons across different languages and topics. In late 2020, they launched their new website on the Webflow platform. With new leadership in their marketing team, they decided to increase their website's capabilities and enlisted the help of TINYK.

What we did

We're continuing to work with the Security Journey team to improve their Webflow site. So far we've added two major areas to the site, the first being a product catalog and the second being a robust blogging system.

They both include custom search, tagging, and filtering functionality. The security journey sales team is already raving about how easy the catalog is to use when discussing the product with potential customers and their marketing team is thrilled to be able to continuously grow their website's content and SEO keywords.

Screenshot of the catalog and blog pages for Security Journey